hi, welcome to my world.

product designer bringing simplicity to complex tasks and creating elegance with character.

I look for harmony of shapes, forms and colors in everything I do: from product design to interiors and photography. I like balancing between the serenity of order and the excitement of the unexpected. I approach even the most complex project with the same mission: to uncover the hidden simplicity and enrich it with a unique character.

In design, nothing happens by chance. Each seemingly effortless solution has to be grounded in careful research with regards to the client’s wants and needs. I believe in seeing each project through from its inception to the end result, and then further on through long-term collaboration, as only in-depth and trusting relationships build solid brands and measurable results. Through my work, I try not only to execute well-designed products, but also work with clients in recognising the value of thinking outside the well-established thought patterns, and implementing new technologies, approaches, processes and values.

For over a decade, I’ve been working with Gigodesign, a multidisciplinary design agency from Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Some awards for my work include:

  • European Innovation Award for Adria Mobil caravan interiors (2012, 2013 and 2017) with Gigodesign
  • Red Dot Award for Product Design for Sitty folding chair (2010), with Gigodesign
  • Food Packaging Design Award by the Finnish company Stora Enso (2005), student work

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